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So PETA Mad Mad because Ciara and Russel Bought a dog and didn't rescue it

According to TMZ Ciara and Russell Wilson welcomed a new puppy to the family for Mother's Day, but PETA was not happy because they purchased the pup from a breeder as opposed to rescuing a pooch from a shelter instead.

PETA believes it's clear -- the couple's new dog, Bronco, is a purebred puppy -- and likely from a breeder where "mother dogs are often locked inside filthy cages and bred over and over until their bodies give out."

PETA needs to have several seats with their assumptions. They have no idea how that breeder is keeping their animals. And if they don't want a random dog then they shouldn't have to have one SHAME ON PETA MIND YOUR BUSINESS. I have a pure pup and he comes from a happy family. He is pure because my friend's dogs decide to have sex and the dog got pregnant. I did not want a dog I didn't have a history on. Everyone doesn't want a stray dog sorry PETA.

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