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Filming in Los Angeles

Shooting Dates between

November 26 - December 11

No Pay, Meals and Credits Only

Some roles will have a small stipend

Macy: (Lead, Af.Am, Female 20 - 30) Dope girl from the 9street MG’s a gang her father created as part of his drug organization. But are now full fledge gang in which Macy represents the 9street Letts to the fullest the hood comes first

Big V:(Lead, Af.Am, Female 20 - 30)  Macy’s enemy a ZT Lett they were cool before the streets decided they were enemies

Rufus: (Co, Af. Am, Male 16 -25) Young hitter Macy controls 

Sheila: (Co, Af. Am, Female 20-30) Macy’s closest homegirl. She’s down for whatever but niggas are her weakness

Bingo:( Af. Am., Male 30-45) The connect he supplies drugs to the 9streets and their enemy The ZT Gang

Pringle:(Open Ethnicity, Male 20-30) A dope boy from E StreetBoyz. Real smooth

Phil: (Af. Am., Male 16-20) A young boy from the 9street MG who is killed by a ZT

Burner:( Af Am, Male 18-25) Is a youngin from 9street MG

Calipso:( Male 18-25) A young boy from   9street MG

Pinch:(Co, Af. Am, male 20-30) Big V brother and Sheila’s ex. A big time dope boy from ZT

Go-Go:( Af Am, Male 18-25) Hitter from 9street he down to kill anybody for anything. A real hot head

Diego: (Open Ethnicity, Male 20-30) He is the go-to man for just about anything guns, disposal you name it Diego got it

Monay: (Open Ethnicity, female 20-30)A  E Street Lett she’s cool with Macy and Big V

Fancy: OG from the 9street Letts. She was one of the founders of 9streets she started the Letts. Macy goes to her for advice

Please Email headshots and reel to for consideration

Subject (Name of Show/Name ofRole) If we believe you're a fit e will schedule an audition Thank you for your submission

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