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Aina Brei’Yon Releases Her 8th Self Produced Album In Honor of Her Late Father

Updated: May 5, 2022

Award Winning Music Producer, Creative Director, Brand Influencer and Independent Artist, Aina Brei’Yon.

In the last four years Aina Brei'Yon has embraced all of her creative juices. From releasing three successfully self produced albums in 2019, to launching her all female music production company 3K9 Productions, to self publishing her very first recipe book "Cheat Days With The Ugly Cook" along with launching her clothing line "The Brei'Yon Collection" in the middle of a pandemic and most recently releasing her self help book, “Aina’s Keys To Personal Freedom”. All while performing on huge stages such as One Music Fest, Taste of Soul LA, SXSW and A3C. She represented the AT&T Dream In Black campaign at the 2020 Revolt LA Hip Hop Summit. Preceded by speaking on Google & TuneCore sponsored panels during A3C. In 2021, Aina partners with Disney Channel’s subsidiary FreeForm, to celebrate Educated Black Lesbians during Pride month. Her journey has been shared by a plethora of media outlets to include Urban Magazine, All Hip Hop, Young California, Sheen Magazine, Kontrol Magazine and the Tammi Mac Late Show on Fox Soul TV. On April 26th, she released her eight self produced album, “Red Light Therapy” in honor of her late father’s birthday. Currently, she is the only indie female artist to have such a full resume and discography as a one woman team. We would love to share her continued success with you and your readers. IG: ainabreiyon IG: theuglycook IG: 3K9Studios IG: thebreiyoncollection

Booking and Media Contact

Shanice Love

First Lady Truth Chief Executive Officer Independent Consultant Publicist

Talent & Business Management Cell : 843-781-5634 FB: @LoyaltyEnterprise IG: @LoyaltyENTLLC

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