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So apparently Eminem is being nominated to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Coi Leray daddy AKA Benzino did not like that ish one bit So he took to Twitter with his opinion. "So where’s Nas, Eric B and RAKIM, Kool Moe D, Epmd, Fearless Four, Fat Boyz, Lauren Hill, Little Kim, OutKast and 100s other Black rappers?? GTFOH" stated Benzino via his Twitter

So being that Benzino was wrong about him being inducted Coi Leray had to come through with some positve vibes and come to Eminem's defense. "I’m about love, equality, respect and forgiveness. I have nothing against Eminem, 25 years of my life all I know is he a very talented artist and actor ! (8 Mile was great) Let’s build bridges and get over them before you burn the bridge and burn with it." she tweeted

And yes Zyon you are right "Love wins always"

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