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Death Row Records Songbird Jewell Caples Dies at 54

Former Death Row Records Jewell Caples has reportedly passed away at age 53. Jewell has worked with 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, and Dr. Dre. An official cause of death has yet to be confirmed. The news of Caples’ death, which occurred Friday morning (May 6) at 5 a.m., was broken by the former head of Death Row security Reggie Wright Jr.

Caples’ passing comes two months after announcing that she’d been hospitalized and was found to have eight pounds of fluid in her heart, lungs, and legs. She was readmitted to the hospital on March 16 and ultimately released on March 21 after receiving treatment, an experience she shared with fans via an Instagram post.

Our Sincerest condolences to Jewell and her family. You will always be remembered.

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