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FEATURE: Who IS Nakkia Gold? The Unusual Suspect

Nakkia Gold the Unusual Suspect

This past week I had the opportunity to sit down with Nakkia Gold. This young lady is amazing, talented inspiring, and overall good energy. However, as you may have noticed in the title I called her the “Unusual Suspect”. I called her this because at first glance you're like she must be an emcee ready to spit fire flames and metaphors at her opponent but the moment you press play you realize that Nakkia Gold is the next female to rule the RnB, Neo Soul, and Pop Charts she is musically DOPE! Nakkia Gold is not just an artist she’s a producer and songwriter. Her style is so organic and fun while still being emotional and inspiring.

Check out the sit-down interview with Nakkia Gold and listen to HERStory!

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