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How did you begin rapping what was your motivation?

Well, real talk a hard life lead me to music. It’s how I dealt with life. When I write it took me away from my environment and gave me peace and helped me express myself. When I was coming up it was real in the streets. These kids today would never know what real struggle is and music was a way to cope with things you can not change ya know.

How did the name Mz. Law come about?

It stems from my name and the first three letters of my name alone says it all because I’m a ruler and that’s just how I’ve always layed it down.

As a female artist do you feel you get the support from your city and peers? Sometimes, not all the times, because everybody wants to be a rapper or a singer so it’s hard to create a fan base when everyone seems to be doing the same thing. Early on when I was younger and first started I felt supported by my city and peers but nowadays it’s like every man for themselves because everybody wants to be number one and the city can’t figure out who to get behind since it’s no real unity.

What would be your biggest challenge in the business?

Getting paid!! With this ever changing music industry. Going from grinding on the streets with cd’s and merch which is all I know and how I came up in it ,to the super evolving digital, streaming, social media world which is both good and bad makes it almost impossible to make it lucrative unless you get lucky. This new era is about, niches, gimmicks, and tricks. You're here today then gone tomorrow with how quick the world of social media can give you fame and take it away. You just have to adapt and roll with it because it’s not about grind anymore because your career is a swipe and click away.

Do you think sexuality overshadows the actual music?

Helllll yessss, it’s a gift and curse especially for women. Yeah your looks and body can get you to the top over talent quickly. It’s a gift because you getting everything you want but it’s a curse because of the price you have to pay to obtain and maintain that success.

What are you bringing to the entertainment industry that's unique?

I can only bring me and who I’ve always been and that’s pure and raw talent. I have no gimmicks, no dance moves, and no tricks, Just bringing all of me and giving you a Mz Law Experience that only I can give, That’s me, a mic, and those true storytelling hard-hitting flows. That’s all I got for ya

What can we expect next from Mz Law?

Elevation! A full live grown folk experience. I’m switching to being a real live performer. I’m bringing the band with me baby so you can feel me up close and personal lol.

If you have something to add feel free. Looking forward to it.

Just want the world to know I was never in it for fame because it’s my art of expression and I can’t ever stop, won’t ever stop, or give it up. Mz Law

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