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Freddieb the great (born Freddie Brown) professional story began in 2021 when the Marietta-based

rapper decided to make a career out of his lifelong passion for music. Following the loss of his brother and uncle, who were also his partners in rap sessions and biggest supporters of his talent, Freddie decided it was time to rebuild and take his newfound take on life to honor their memories and give back to their community by putting it all into each beat and rhyme. Guided by the foundations laid down by the fathers of old-school and contemporary Hip-Hop, he pulls from different flows to bring his own take on the genres. In just a year he has already cemented himself as a reputable name in Georgia’s bergeoming hip-hip scene and pointed as one of the top 10 opening acts to watch for 2023. His newest single “Slide”, is going viral on TikTok and showcases his creative output and witty lyrical adeptness.

Check out FreddieB The Great New Single here:

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