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Killer Mike WANTS hip-hop protected after Young Thug and Gunna indictment

(From ABC NEWS) Killer Mike, whose real name is Michael Render, is a longtime advocate against the use of rap lyrics in court. He said it's important to remember that hip-hop is a form of entertainment and artists are performers who play characters.

"Young Thug -- that's a character that Jeffrey Williams created … but Jeffrey Williams is a father," he said. "He's a human being that's capable of love, care and compassion."

Erik Nielson, the author of "Rap on Trial," told "GMA" he has advised and testified in close to 100 cases around the country in which rap lyrics were used as evidence in court -- a practice that often targets amateur local rappers.

"I was surprised that prosecutors were brazen enough to go after somebody as well known as Young Thug," Nielson said." "But I was also surprised at the extent to which lyrics seem to be part of the prosecution as part of their early argument that he is involved in criminal activity." .

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