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Updated: May 16, 2022

Dear Myster Mother,

My boyfriend doesn’t have sex with me as much anymore since I had our baby. He says he is working and too tired to indulge in sexual activities. I understand that he works hard and I try not to bug him but I am starting to feel lonely. Being that I am lonely I am starting to notice

my neighbor across the hall who is about 15 years older than me. I normally don’t go for older men but he is starting to look real nice. I try to tell myself it's the hormones and the lack

of attention from my man. But he is an older man with silver hair and his body is looking real good and his polite nature is turning me on. I find myself making sure I am outside whenever he arrives. I know it is a little thirsty. But hell what am I to do?

The other day my man said he was working late and it really pissed me off but I didn’t say anything I told him I loved him and hung up. I heard my neighbor come up the stairs I immediately ran to the door so he could see me no bra thin nightgown. I told him I needed help with something in my apartment and just like the gentleman he is he offered to help. I let him inside and he asked what I needed help with and I couldn’t think of anything so I ripped off my gown and went down and tried to give him head. He immediately stopped me looked at me with fear in his eyes and ran out of my apartment. I was so embarrassed. I got dressed and cried all night. Now I can’t even look at my neighbor, my boyfriend says he is acting weird and Now he wants to have sex and I feel so bad and I can’t not living across the hall from our neighbor. I keep telling him we should move but he doesn’t want to a part of me wants to tell him about the neighbor because its really his fault I would never have done that if he did not ignore me, Mystery Mother am I tripping what should I do


Confused ASF

Dear Confused ASF

You are definitely TRIPPING first off if your man says he is tired, you don’t let that slide He's tired until you wake up that other spirit downstairs. All men are tired until they d*ck gets hard them fools like superheroes they will find the POWER! Now had you tried that see-through lingerie on your man and drop to your knees and gave him 50 he would have woken his ass up and he

would have been late to work with coochie on his lips waiting on 2nds. Girl, you should feel embarrassed your neighbor is probably gay have you seen women over there? If you going to be a freak you don’t do it across the hall sweetie and what happened to good old masturbation techniques. I think motherhood made you crazy or……You gotta a little freak in you waiting to come out and if so unleash it on that man or somebody in the next city over not next door. Oh yeah you bet not tell that

man you tried to suck that old man d*ck pretend like it was a break-in or some shit but take that to the grave. Good luck with that and keep us posted

Mystery Mother

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