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Nicki Minaj Being Called a"The Bully" by Latto

So Nicki Minaj and LAtto have been going back and forth on Twitter. Nicki calling Latto a Karen and Latto snaps back calling Nicki a Bully.

Apparently, Nicki is mad because the Grammy's moved her song to the pop category, and since Latto did not come to her defense it's a problem so it seems.

This seems to be a pattern with Nicki and the new artist she feels like she should be entitled to loyalty from these ladies when she wasn't loyal to them. Latto stated in one of her tweets Nicki was upset because she didn't congratulate her. I think this Barb needs to go to the Barbi house and take a seat. Nicki has never supported female hip-hop or any female artist but she feels like she is owed all the respect in the world. No Nicki you don't Latto said it you are a big Bully in the industry and soon you will have to go to detention for this unruly behavior.

Congratulations Latto for speaking up for yourself.

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