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R&B Singer "Yassie" hits the Red Carpet for BET Awards Weekend

MultI-talented, emerging R&B artist, actress, and model "Yassie" hit the BET Awards events weekend hard and walked the red carpet of some of the most prestigious events in the area. In the photos below, Yassie attends the 2022 A&R Industry Salute Celebration at Famecast Creator Brand Accelerator on June 25, 2022, in Santa Monica, California. Photos are accredited to Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images.

Yassie stirred a chart- climbing trend with her latest evocative single, "Prove It", which was played at the event by DJ Neptune and received great response. The single recently rose to #114 of the Digital Radio Tracker’s (DRT) Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Chart. This important milestone has established Yassie as an exciting new artist to watch. The single, which was played on stations in cities across the country (and overseas in the UK), including 100.3 R&B (Raleigh, NC), 93.9 The Dream (Las Vegas), Choice 107 (Columbia, SC). Dominion Global Radio (Houston, TX) Easy RandB (London, England), Jammin 103.9 (Little Rock, AR), Love 101 (Indianapolis, IN), Magic 93.3 (Denver, CO) Majic 102.3 (Dallas, TX), Pure Sounds Radio (Chicago, IL), Quiet Storm 95.7 (Savannah, GA), and Z102 (Columbus, GA) brings Yassie’s mellifluous voice to new audiences everywhere!

Prove It is a testament to the power of love, written from the heart. It speaks to the truth that when someone is your soulmate, they will invest their time and energy into proving that fact. Yassie’s artistic endeavors were borne out of tragedy; her mother passed away from bone cancer when Yassie was just 13. Out of that traumatic experience, the songstress was determined to make her work a tribute to her mother’s legacy and encouragement. Today, whenever Yassie performs, records, or releases a new song or album, it’s always with the thought that her mom would be proud of the vibrant, gifted woman Yassie has become. "Prove It" is part of the new EP "Care", which is currently available on all major streaming platforms. The single, which anchors the album, was released in the first quarter of 2022, to great fanbase acclaim. You can watch the official Prove it music video here.

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