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Yung Miami Mom Shooting her shot or NAW?

After Baby shared a new photo on his Instagram page, Yung Miami's mother, Keenya Young, sparked pandemonium in the comment section after dropping off some heart-eye emojis. Fans didn't look at it as an innocuous gesture and began speculating that Young was trying to shoot her shot at the Atlanta rapper.

Baby didn't respond, as expected, but Young made it clear that she wasn't trying to flirt with her daughter's co-worker. She said that she was simply trying to show her love and support for a friend.

"No I am not feeling Lil Baby,” she wrote on her Instagram Story. “I will never disrespect him like that or QC my daughter is part of that label what the [fuck] I look like? I don’t play that period! A heart eye emoji for me is just a like I put under everybody picture! I’m sorry if that’s how you see it or took it.”

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